About NextGenATM Project with Q&As

The Next Generation Air Transport Management Project (NextGenATM) is an Erasmus+ KA210-YOU Project (Small-scale partnerships in youth) under Key Action 2 Cooperation among Organizations and Institutions. The full name of the project is Skilling Youth for the Next Generation Air Transport Management with the project code 2021-2-TR01-KA210-YOU-000048913.

You can find out official registy on the Erasmus+ projects website https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/projects/search/details/2021-2-TR01-KA210-YOU-000048913

The project started on 31-05-2022 and will end on 30-11-2023. However, all learning content produced within the scope of the project will continue to be shared with you through this website even after the project end date.

Additionally, regardless of the project end date, we aim to continue bringing new learning content to you through the NextGenATM digital platform. In this context, we will continue to invite other universities and organizations that provide education in the aviation industry to our platform.

The NextGenATM abbreviation stands for The Next Generation Air Transport Management.

The NextGenATM project aims to develop a digital learning platform that equips the next generation of air transport managers with 21st century skills. These skills encompass creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, communication and collaboration, information and communication technologies literacy, and metacognition. The NextGenATM digital learning platform offers diverse educational content formats, including online courses, aviation expert talks, and student presentation and collaboration networks, to facilitate the acquisition and practice of these skills. By enabling students to engage with a range of learning experiences and interact with industry experts and peers, the platform creates a dynamic learning environment that fosters the development of key competencies, such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, as well as effective communication and collaboration skills. Ultimately, the NextGenATM project seeks to cultivate a capable and effective generation of air transport managers who are better prepared to address the challenges of the modern world and drive the industry forward.

The NextGenATM project aims to equip young people studying air transport and aviation management with advanced managerial skills that align with the needs of the rapidly-evolving aviation industry. Given the industry’s heavy reliance on 21st century developments and technological changes, the project strives to prepare the next generation of professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic field. The objectives of the project can be expressed as the following bullet points:

  • Equipping young people between the ages of 18-30, who are studying in the field of aviation management in Europe, with future managerial skills in line with 21st century skills and needs of air transport industry. An out-of-school supportive digital learning platform, which supports priority of inclusion in all fields of education and youth, will be developed for the future air transport managers.
  • Strengthening the employability of young people whose key competencies and managerial skills will be developed in line with the future requirements of the air transport industry. Five courses (Machine Learning Applications in Aviation, Contemporary Managerial Tools in Aviation, Aviation Analytics, Sustainability Management in Aviation, Terminal Service Systems Management) will be developed and published on this web platform within the project.
  • Strengthening the cooperation skills of youth through two calls on specific air transport subjects to collaborate and communicate with their peers for solving problems (PreCoN-Student Presentation and Collaboration Network). This network will increase the quality and recognition of digital youth work.
  • Bridging young people and air transport experts. In order to prepare youth for the aviation business world, aviation experts will share their experiences through digital contents, which will serve as a new learning environment enriching practical aspects (AvEx Talks-Aviation Expert Talks).

The concrete outputs of the NextGenATM project are:

  • NextGenATM digital learning platform (LMS – Learning Management System)
  • 5 online courses in teh field of air transport management
  • 3 digital contents on aviation expert talks
  • 5 collaborative digital student works contents in the field of air transport management

The NextGenATM project is designed to equip young people studying in the field of aviation management in Europe with future managerial skills that are in line with the needs of the aviation industry. The project aims to increase young learners’ readiness for professional business life, increase their employability, and provide them with advanced skills through a supportive digital learning platform. Therefore, the primary beneficiaries of the NextGenATM project are young people aged between 18-30 who are studying aviation management in Europe. Additionally, the aviation industry can also benefit from the project by having a pool of well-trained and skilled potential future employees who can contribute to the industry’s growth and development.

All contents in the NextGenATM digital learning program, including courses, are TOTALLY FREE. You can use these contents at anytime in anywhere to develop your skills for the air transport industry. Furthermore, the learning materials on the NextGenATM digital learning platform will continue to be provided to you free of charge even after the completion of the project.

Project Partner Institutions

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Project Team

Savaş S. Ateş

Project Manager

Savaş S. Ateş is an Associate Professor at Eskişehir Technical University in Turkey, specializing in strategic management and air transport management. He has published over 150 academic articles and been involved in 15 scientific projects, and is a representative of his university in The International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education (ALICANTO).

Emircan Özdemir

Project Manager Assistant/Researcher

Emircan Özdemir is an assistant professor at Eskişehir Technical University’s Department of Aviation Management, with a focus on marketing research, particularly on service marketing, passenger satisfaction, and digital marketing. His background allows him to assist in producing course content, developing learning management systems, and project management within the project’s scope.

Frank Fichert


Frank Fichert is an Economics and Transport Economics Professor at Worms University of Applied Sciences. He’s published numerous papers on transport and co-authored a top German textbook on air transport management. His research centers around aviation competition and regulation, and environmental concerns. Fichert participated in applied research projects like COCTA and CADENZA.

Tobias Grosche


Tobias Grosche is a professor for Aviation Management at Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany. His current research interests and teaching content include subjects like Airline Scheduling, Flight Operations, Aviation Analytics, and Sustainability in Aviation. Bevor joining the university, he worked in the aviation industry in the field of Business Intelligence and Passenger Demand Forecasting.

Kristjan Roosipõld


Mr. Kristjan Roosipõld is the Head of the Aviation Services Department at Estonian Aviation Academy from 2022. He has expertise and experience in management of airport ground handling services, business aviation and economic analysis.

Allan Nõmmik


Mr. Allan Nõmmik, PhD has been an Air Transport Management lecturer in Estonian Aviation Academy since 2003. His research areas include: regional airports, transport management, air transport economics and geography, and logistics.

Özlem Atalık


Özlem Atalık is a professor in the Department of Aviation Management at Eskişehir Technical University. She has scientific researches focused on marketing in the aviation industry, specifically in the areas of airline and airport marketing. Her expertise, particularly in service marketing and strategic marketing, is integrated with practical applications in the field of aviation.

Cem Çetek


Cem Cetek is a professor in the Department of Air Traffic Control at Eskisehir Technical University. He conducts research on Air Traffic Control and Management, with a focus on aircraft performance, fast-time simulations, optimization, and machine learning methods. His work addresses air traffic flow and capacity problems in Terminal Maneuvering Areas (TMA), en-route airspace, and airports.

Fulya Aybek Çetek


Fulya Aybek Çetek, PhD, has been working as an air traffic controller instructor since 2010 and is an Assistant Professor of the Air Traffic Control Department at Eskişehir Technical University. Her areas of interest include Air Traffic Management, ATCo training, airport and airspace design, and statistics.

Mahmut Bakır


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Şahap Akan


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