Postal Address:

Eskişehir Technical University, Department of Aviation Management, Eskişehir, TURKEY

Asst. Prof. Dr. Emircan Özdemir

Eskişehir Technical University

Emircan Özdemir works as an assistant professor in the Department of Aviation Management at Eskişehir Technical University. After completing his undergraduate education in Industrial Engineering and Civil Aviation Management, he completed his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Aviation Management. His doctoral research focused on data and text mining applications in user-generated content of online airline users. His main research area is marketing, with a focus on service marketing, service quality, passenger satisfaction, consumer behavior, and digital marketing subfields. He is particularly interested in the analysis of secondary data using machine learning techniques in his research.

With his background, he contributes to the production of course content, development of learning management systems, and assists in project management processes within the scope of the project.