Welcome to PreCoN, a dynamic initiative under the NextGenATM project, fostering collaboration and innovation among the future leaders of aviation management. At the heart of this endeavor are the students, the driving force behind the NextGenATM platform’s mission to cultivate skills and create a vibrant network within the aviation community.

What is PreCoN?

PreCoN, short for “Presentation and Collaboration Network” is a unique opportunity for aviation management students to actively engage in the global aviation discourse. In collaboration with Eskişehir Technical University, Worms University of Applied Sciences and Estonian Aviation Academy, PreCoN empowers students to showcase their institutions, collaborate on real aviation challenges, and participate in international activities.

Key Objectives of PreCoN

🤝 Building Networks: PreCoN provides a platform for students to establish meaningful connections with peers across Europe, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends borders.

🎓 Educational Visibility: Through presentations and collaborative projects, students elevate the visibility of their aviation management education institutions, contributing to the overall recognition of European higher education in aviation management.

💡 Innovation and Problem-Solving: The initiative encourages digital youth work, enabling students to work together on cutting-edge aviation issues, propose innovative solutions, and develop a deeper understanding of the industry.

How Does it Work?

You can actively participate by creating content that introduces your aviation management education institutions, or form cross-border teams to address current aviation challenges, and engage in international collaboration through digital youth work. Calls within PreCoN focus on promoting awareness of aviation issues and encouraging you to develop innovative solutions.

If you want to introduce your institutions/university, or publish a topic to find people for helping your digital youth work, or have any new collaborative ideas please e-mail us: nextgenatm2022@gmail.com

Anticipated Outcomes of PreCoN

🌐 Active Student Hub: A dedicated space on the NextGenATM platform where students can actively participate, collaborate, and contribute to the aviation community.

🌍 International Collaboration: Opportunities for students to introduce their institutions, apply to collaborative calls, and engage in projects addressing current aviation challenges.

📢 Increased Visibility: Presentations promoting partner organizations and calls addressing aviation issues, enhancing the visibility of European aviation management education.

Join us in shaping the future of aviation management education! PreCoN is more than an initiative; it’s a bridge connecting passionate students across Europe, propelling them towards a future of collaboration, innovation, and shared success.

University Introduction Presentations

Explore the captivating introductory presentations showcasing our partner universities in the revolutionary NextGenATM project! Discover these institutions offering expertise in aviation management education within the EU.

Eskişehir Technical University

Hochschule Worms University of Applied Sciences

Estonian Aviation Academy

Collaborative Tasks for Youth in Aviation Management

Through the collaboration tasks within the PreCoN, enhance your problem-solving skills by building cross-border teams and developing innovative solutions for the cutting-edge aviation issues listed below! To participate in PreCoN collaborative tasks, please follow these steps:

  • Explore the PreCoN collaborative tasks in the field of aviation management below.
  • Form your team.
  • Submit your work on collaborative tasks.
  • After the review of the suitability of your submissions, your participation certificate for the NextGenATM digital learning platform will be sent to your email address.

Welcome to the Future Air Transport Decision-Making Challenge, a collaborative task designed for the youth in Aviation Management.

In this task, we invite you to explore contemporary decision-making tools in the context of the evolving landscape of future air transport and apply the call described below.

Call Objective:

The primary goal of this collaborative task is to harness your insights into how modern decision-making techniques and technologies, including Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Decision Support Systems (DSS), and other innovative tools, can be effectively employed within the realm of future air transport.

Click here to see task details and submit your team work.

Welcome to the Future Air Transport Service Operations Challenge, an exciting collaborative task tailored for the youth in Aviation Management.

This task invites you to delve into case studies of service operations management in air transportation and explore innovative strategies to enhance the future of air transport services.

Call Objective:

The primary objective of this collaborative task is to conduct in-depth case studies on service operations management within the air transportation sector. Furthermore, we challenge you to propose actionable solutions that can contribute to making future air transport services more efficient, customer-centric, and sustainable.

Click here to see task details and submit your team work.