Welcome to AvEx Talks: Elevate Your Learning Experience in Aviation Management!

Embark on a journey of discovery and insight with AvEx Talks, a groundbreaking initiative within the NextGenATM digital learning environment. AvEx Talks brings the aviation industry’s brightest minds directly to you, offering an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the experiences and modern practices of aviation experts.

What is AvEx Talks?

AvEx Talks, short for Aviation Expert Talks, is a series of captivating discussions led by industry leaders, curated to provide a unique learning experience for aviation management students and aspiring professionals. This initiative is set to redefine the educational landscape by offering various exclusive talks, each crafted to inspire, inform, and connect the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.

Why AvEx Talks?

Our main goal is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, offering students a front-row seat to the dynamic world of aviation management. In collaboration with Eskişehir Technical University, Worms University of Applied Sciences and Estonian Aviation Academy, AvEx Talks aims to create a digital nexus where theoretical knowledge meets real-world practices.

Who Benefits?

AvEx Talks caters to aviation management students and those eager to enhance their understanding of the industry. By immersing themselves in these talks, young minds gain valuable insights into aviation practices, management approaches, and the latest developments. AvEx Talks not only answers the industry’s expectations of young professionals but also fosters a digital connection between students and the aviation industry.

How Does it Support NextGenATM Objectives?

AvEx Talks aligns seamlessly with the NextGenATM project’s objectives. By facilitating direct interaction between the next generation and air transport experts, we contribute to the project’s goal of bridging generational gaps within the industry. Moreover, AvEx Talks plays a pivotal role in enhancing the employability of young professionals by equipping them with the future skills needed in air transport.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Aviation Management!

AvEx Talks is more than just talks; it’s a gateway to innovation, knowledge, and a network of industry experts. Explore the AvEx Talks series and elevate your understanding of aviation management in an environment designed to inspire and empower.

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