Project Timeline

May, 13, 2022
NextGenATM Project Team Preliminary Meeting
May, 31, 2022
Official Project Start Date

Project Grant Agreement was signed between Turkish National Agency (representing the European Commission) and Eskişehir Technical University (Coordinator and Beneficiary).

June, 9, 2022
NetGenATM Project Team Coordination and Monitoring Meeting
August, 3, 2022
NectGenATM Project Team Coordination and Monitoring Meeting
August, 10-14, 2022
Project Kick-off
Transnational Project Meeting
Project Opening Meeting Activity

"Opening Meeting” was held between August, 10 - August 14, 2022. It was organized by Eskisehir Technical University and it was held in Eskisehir. In this meeting:

  • Expectations of youth in air transport management were defined.
  • Expectations of the air transport industry were defined.
  • Future applications for the air transport sector were discussed.
  • 21st century skills in the air transport management were classified.
  • Executive meetings of project team on project management and implementation were held.
  • Cooperation agreements between partner institutions were signed.

Participants: Prof. Dr. Tobias Grosche from Hochschule Worms (HSW); Kristjan Roosipõld from Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savaş S. Ateş, Prof. Dr. Özlem Atalık, Dr. Emircan Özdemir, Dr. Mahmut Bakır, Dr. Şahap Akan from Eskişehir Technical University; Mustafa Sağır and İlke Sarı from Aviation Student Club of ESTU; and Taşkın Kızıl from Bewell Technology; Özcan Kahramangil from Innovation Factory of ESTU; and other team members of Bewell Technology and Innovation Factory.

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August, 24, 2022
NextGenATM Project Team Coordination and Monitoring Meeting
August, 29 - September, 2, 2022
International Workshop on
Skilling Youth for the Next Generation
Air Transport Management
Workshop - I Activity

“Workshop-I” was organized between August, 29 – September, 2, 2022 in İstanbul, Türkiye with joint hosting of Eskişehir Technical University and TAV Technologies. This activity was held in TAV Technologies headquarters and workshop sessions have been organized in a hybrid format. In addition to the project team, many young people, academics and industry representatives participated in the 3-day workshop activities. In the first day of the workshop, executive session was organized with the participation of project team. On the 2nd and 3rd days of the workshop, 9 researches were presented in 2 sessions. Researches were selected prior to “Workshop-I” and we paid attention to ensure homogeneous participation of all project stakeholders. As a result, 3 opening speeches were given, including Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) - Acting Head of Rulemaking and Training Department; 3 Corporate Briefing Presentation were made; 9 researches were presented; and 1 Discussions and Closure Session was conducted. The common point of all the presented studies was that they deal with future air transport management from the perspectives of different stakeholders with scientific methodology. 3 researches were presented by air transport industry representatives, 4 researches were presented by air transport management academics, 1 research was presented by an aviation association (NGO), and 1 research was presented by aviation student club, which is a youth organization in air transport. Studies presented in this workshop activity were compiled in the Book of Abstracts with ISBN number and published online. You can access the Book of Abstract from the link below.


October, 20, 2022
NextGenATM Project Team Coordination and Monitoring Meeting
November, 14-18, 2022
Workshop - II Activity

“Workshop-II” was organized in Hochschule Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany, between November, 14 – November, 18, 2022. Like previous workshop activity, all stakeholders of the project, including academics, industry representatives, and students-young people, were invited to “Workshop-II”. This activity were organized by Hochschule Worms University of Applied Sciences. In the implementation of “Workshop-II”, a different approach was adopted from the previous workshop. Instead of presenting scientific researches toward future air transport management, main issues on future skills were discussed in the bilateral meetings with different stakeholders. In the first two days of the “Workshop-II”, 9 meetings were conducted. 3 of these meetings were internal discussion meetings, which were held for project coordination and monitoring. 2 meetings were organized with the participation of senior management of the HSW. 1 meeting were held with the participation of an industry representative (CAT Europe - H. J. Seibert). 2 meetings were held with students/alumni’s of air transport management. And the last 1 meeting was a discussion of an academic approach of using simulation in air transport management education.

Project Progress

Progress of Project Activities (TPMs)

Opening Meeting
Final Meeting

Progress of Project Activities (Workshops)

Workshop - I
Workshop - II

Progress of Project Activities (Intellectual Outputs)

Building, Maintaining and Updating NextGenATM Digital Learning Platform
Preparing Online Course Materials

Preparing Aviation Expert Talks Materials (AvEx Talks)
Preparing Student Presentations and Building Collaboration Network (PreCoN)